The Starter League: Week Two in Review

Week two at The Starter League has come to a close and what a crazy busy week it has been for me. Since this is my first actual “full” week in this new role I am beginning to transition into my new life as a Ruby on Rails student programmer. Trying to reconfigure my schedule for this early morning class, though, has been difficult to say the least. I went into this thinking I would have more free time on my days off to work on side projects but so far that hasn’t happened. So…a bit of a reality check to how much of my free time needs to be dedicated to meetups, practice, building a network of connections…and, oh ya, thinking about my web app idea(s). One idea needs to be created and built with a team during this class, presented in mid December. So…it’s pretty much a full-time “job”…but a completely awesome full-time┬ácommitment.

The class ramps up fast and we dug deeper into learning Ruby, pulling in API’s from websites (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc) to interact with our basic sites we have built so far. That was a bit of a challenge for me. By Friday, though, it became more clear to me once we started using Rails to organize a basic website. Rails is the framework that helps organize the process of building a web application instead of the raw text we have been learning until Friday. It kind of clicked for me at that point since I tend to think in an orderly fashion, step by step sequences help me understand things well. I am starting to see the big picture and it’s looking pretty damn cool.

This weekend is going to be filled with practicing things learned from the past week, a hackathon of ideas down at 1871 to build a basic app, and rebuilding a page using the Rails framework. I am super excited to dig into the Rails framework next week.