The First Update On My Quest For Less (hint: I Own Less)

In June I wrote about how I wanted to get rid of a lot of what I owned this summer to simplify my life in a post called My Quest For Less. Since my initial purge of stuff, I have continued to go through the items I own to get rid of anything that doesn’t have any value to me anymore. What I have found is that as I continue to remove things from my life I want to keep doing it. Items I kept just a few months ago are now on the chopping block to get removed. THINGS BE GONE FROM MY LIFE!

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” – Socrates

I can tell you that I am actually having fun doing this. I am really motivated to have less stuff and it has become a personal challenge for myself. So here is my latest update of what I have gotten rid of:


  • 14 T-Shirts
  • 4 Pairs of Jeans
  • 2 Pairs of Shoes
  • 5 Polo shirts
  • 5 Button Down Shirts
  • 7 Ties
  • 3 Pairs of Dress Pants

It’s felt good to reduce the amount of my clothing to where it is right now. I still want less and will continue to weed through clothing as time goes on. Here is the total reduction amount of my clothing to date:

  • Shorts: -2 Pairs. Reduction of -200% (I’ve gained two pairs)
  • Dress Pants: 5 Pairs. Reduction of 42%
  • Suit Jacket: 1. Reduction of 20%
  • Winter Jacket: 2. Reduction of 50%
  • Sweatshirts: 4. Reduction of 50%
  • Sweaters: 1. Reduction of 13%
  • T-Shirts: 39. Reduction of 52%
  • Polo Shirts: 5. Reduction of 46%
  • Button Down Shirts: 9. Reduction of 56%
  • Jeans: 6. Reduction of 67%
  • Ties: 7. Reduction of 54%
  • Hats: 8. Reduction of 67%
  • Gloves: 2. Reduction of 50%
  • Shoes: 2 Pairs. Reduction of 29%

Here is the rest of the list I have gotten rid of since the first post:

Non-Clothing Items

  • Record Player
  • 113 Records (kept only 18)
  • 1 old glass coffee pot
  • Coffee table + 2 end tables (set)
  • 42 Books
  • 8 College Textbooks
  • Old Bike Speedometer (from when I was in Middle School)
  • Thermostat
  • Portable file system (that had receipts and bank statements stored in it from 2003)
  • 2 lamps
  • 2 bar stools
  • Blu-Ray DVD Player
  • 30 DVD movies
  • Tons of misc cables for TV, Computers, and random Audio/Video
  • Tons of old baseball cards
  • Random misc (non-important) childhood stuff
  • Couch & Loveseat
  • Desk chair

It’s a long list this time! The couch, loveseat, and blu-ray player all went to my girlfriend. She moved into a new apartment and was looking for a couch/love seat set so that worked out perfectly. She also wanted the blu-ray player since she didn’t have a way to watch DVD movies. Done. I was able to sell my coffee & end tables on Craigslist (always use Burner to hide your real phone number!) and I sold my records/record player to several used record stores in my area. DVD’s also were sold to stores that sell used DVD’s/CD’s etc. My desk chair broke, so I tossed it out and converted my desk to a stand up desk (it’s healthier anyway). Most of the other stuff got donated and a small percentage I just tossed into the garbage. Bonus: I actually have room in the storage unit in my apartment building now.

I did gain a small number of things during the latest purge. I swapped my couch/love seat for a small futon so I have somewhere to sit other than my bed. I also bought a pair of shorts and two pairs of boardshorts. Even with gaining a few things, overall, I’ve been very happy with my progress on moving towards a more minimalist lifestyle. I still have a goal of wearing the same thing everyday a la Steve Jobs and Jone Ive but I’m just not there yet. I need to find my shirt, the one shirt that has the right color, fabric, and fit to make the switch. Still, reading about reducing decision fatigue is fascinating to me and a long term goal of mine.

For anyone interested in learning more about minimalism or decision fatigue, you can head over to my first post about this My Quest For Less. There are a bunch of links in the post to various articles on both. You can also check out :mnmlist a blog written by Leo Babauta which has tons of good content about minimalism. In a few months I’ll post another update on where I am at with this process. By then cold weather will have hit the midwest and I’ll be finding more stuff to get rid of when I pull out my winter clothes!

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