Stop Annoying Telemarketing Calls With Google Voice

Has Ann, with credit services, called to lower your interest rates? On Monday a story was written by the Associated Press about the failing of the “Do Not Call” registry as complaints have sharply increased from consumers being robodialed by telemarketing agencies. This trend is disturbing since these calls are increasingly being placed to cell phones as consumers continue to drop land line service in favor of cell phones.

‘Do Not Call’ Complaints Up Sharply As More Americans Get Robocalled (Huffington Post)

I have been able to avoid 99.9% of telemarketing calls by harnessing the power of Google Voice. Some simple planning and easy to follow instructions can get you a free phone number that rings to no physical phone but allows you to access voicemails as if it did. The first part is setting up Google Voice and getting a new phone number:

  • If you have a google account already (like Gmail) visit and simply log into your existing google account.
  • If you already have a google voice number don’t you worry. All you need to do is simply setup a new google account. Each google account can have a Google Voice number associated with it.

Once you link your cell phone or land line to the account, just follow these four steps to have the phone number ring to no where!

  1. In the Phones setting, uncheck the box for the physical number you associated with your account. Make sure to keep the Google chat one checked (this ensures it sounds as if it’s ringing a phone somewhere).
  2. Record your voicemail greeting. If your computer has a microphone you can record it from there or have Google Voice call the number you associated with the account.
  3. In the Voicemail & Text setting, click the box to have an email alert sent to you (at your email of choice) to notify you of a new voicemail. This way you know there is a voicemail as soon as it’s been recorded.
  4. The last step is to start using your new number on all of your existing and new accounts. I mean ALL of them. Utilities, cable, credit cards etc. Log onto their websites and remove all existing numbers and replace it with just this one. Anytime someone asks for a phone number with a new account only give them your Google Voice number. Over time, the only number companies will have is your Google Voice number. Don’t worry! If it’s urgent matter and requires your attention they will leave a message.

And yes, that is my Google Voice number. Leave a message after the beep so I can get back to you…

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