Starter Night. A Bittersweet End to My Starter League Experience.

Friday night was Starter Night (previously known as demo day) at The Starter League where teams of starters present the apps they built over the past three months. With this being the second Starter Night I have attended, I knew I was in for awesomeness all night.


My experience this quarter was different from last. I had one night class for HTML & CSS and for most of the quarter I was working full-time. I had only heard about two or three of the ideas being tossed around so it was all new to me. This quarter I didn’t build an app to present which gave me the ability to focus on the presentations being given. I was an audience member, a student, and an alumni.

Thought You Might Like is a better way to share awesome videos with your friends. War Atlas gives you historical WWII data on an interactive map. Carbon Groove measures you carbon footprint via bank transactions. Exactli is an online markup service for engineering documents. NugHub is the GrubHub equivalent for cannabis. And Nag, an app to nag those that borrowed your things or owe you money. It’s worth repeating that these students didn’t know how to program just 11 weeks earlier.

“I’m a starter damn it, so i’m just going to build stuff” – Roneesh

Starter Night didn’t disappoint. I was impressed and completely re-ignited my desire to build, create and be a starter. The energy in that room was amazing. I told myself that night to never miss a Starter Night going forward. That’s a commitment (to myself) that I won’t break.


After this quarter’s group picture I turned back in my entry keycard to 1871. It was a sad moment for me because I love working in that space. But then as I walked out of 1871 that night I started smiling…I was smiling because I know I will be back at 1871. I probably won’t take another class at The Starter League…but someday I will be back as a member.

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