Starter League Week 6

Week six came to a close with big progress in class and the formation of my demo day team, Team Surfeit (pronounced Sur-fit). I joined the team formed by Kevin Martin and Alejandro Acosta-Rubio to build an app that changes the way we consume our social feeds. We built out a splash page and purchased a domain name to build buzz and gather email addresses to announce our launch. Check it out at and sign up to be alerted by email when we launch.

The “work week” ended on Friday afternoon and immediately we started the 24 hour Starter League hackathon to work on app ideas for demo day. Some teams formed on the fly to build an app in 24 hours from start to finish…it was really impressive. We gained a designer on our team at the start of the hackathon, Sarah, who will be important to the overall flow and design of the site. I’m really excited about the team and I feel we are going to build an awesome site and make a splash at demo day…and hopefully continue this project after class ends.

We setup a really cool spot for the 24 hours and a picture of me coding is below (Instagram):

In class, we started learning about logins, cookies and securing passwords. This stuff is great and it really ties in well with everything we have learned to date in class. This is the area Alejandro and I focused on during the hackathon to get built out and we completed the main part of that in the 24 hours. Our login is completed with the database built out. It’s a good start to the back-end of the app. Kevin has been focusing on the front end development (HTML, CSS, & JavaScript) and it is already looking amazing.

Week six was the best week to date for me at the Starter League. Between class, my demo day team, and the overall group of people, Starter League is starting to feel like a big family to me and I love it. Quitting my job was the best.decision.ever.