Starter League Week 5

Learning pure Ruby has moved to learning Ruby on Rails and terms like “scaffold”, “model”, and “class” no longer mean real world things to me. They are Ruby talk, programmer talk. Now that I hear and see those terms thrown around every day it’s become normal to me:

I am thinking like a programmer.

My world is intertwined the web. I now live in Terminal and programs like TextMate. CRUD no longer means something dirty on a surface at home. It’s an acronym to the center of the Ruby on Rails universe, playfully referred to as the “Golden 7” by my instructor Jeff Cohen.

Starter League is no cake walk though. I struggle to grasp concepts as class moves quickly. I don’t always have time to dedicate hours of programming to, like ripping apart code and rebuilding an app. I have a hard time keeping terminology straight so I frequently will call something by its wrong name. I have come to terms with this and continue to move forward. Learning is a continuous process that evolves…there will never be a time that I will know everything about Ruby on Rails. This is exciting to me because I love learning new things. The challenges in class are frustrating, but not discouraging, and push us to do more.

This week in the (awesome) learning lab instructed by Adam Lupu, we talked about the 90% rule of time management. It made me think…I frequently get distracted and waste time. Not intentionally of course, it just happens. Awareness is the first step towards making changes so I feel that I can help myself be more productive. So what is the first thing I worked on after my learning lab? A new email signature (which is kick ass) and fixing my broken website. I am happy I got both of those things out of the way but it seriously sucked away 5 hours of that afternoon. Not very smart, Brian. If I worked that hard on those two things think of how hard I will work on building web apps!

It’s been three weeks since my last post (shame on me!) but as I push into the sixth week and reach the halfway point I realize how important it is for me to reflect on this experience by writing about it. It’s also important to reflect on how I may have wasted precious time over the past week. Both these will keep me on my path of continuous learning, then reflecting, then more learning.

The Starter League rocks.

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