Starter League Success!

Yesterday was Demo Day for Fall Class of 2012. WOW! It was so much fun! The auditorium in 1871 was jam packed with students, friends, family and members of the Chicago tech community. There were easily 300 people there for the three hour presentation. The energy levels were unlike any other presentation I have given in my career. A proud moment indeed.


My team, Surfeit, did a great job pulling together to get the final code written, the app launched before demo day, and created a solid presentation to keep the audience engaged while showing off the final product and ourselves. The app is live, so you can check it out and sign up for an account at Keep in mind it is a beta launch (limited features).

The demo day excitement hasn’t left me yet. Saturday morning I woke up and sent out this tweet:tweet

I was so happy to have gone through the program and experienced everything I did. It really was the best decision for me to take that leap of faith to do something totally crazy. I meant every word I wrote there in that short tweet.

Out of all of this excitement, though, it kind of sucks that it’s over. Besides the bonus of the Starter League anniversary party tonight, most of us will leave this experience being connected as alumni spread all over the globe. 11 weeks goes fast and it’s been an experience none of us will forget.


It turns out, though, that my Starter League experience isn’t over. I was accepted to another quarter to learn advanced HTML & CSS and I am so happy to say I’ll be doing it all over again.

January 15th can’t come soon enough.

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