I’ve joined Checkr

I’m excited to announce that I have joined Checkr.

Checkr is a Y Combinator company known as the “API for background checks”. It is disrupting an industry of background checks, a massive opportunity in an industry that hasn’t innovated much. I’ve joined as the first Program Manager on the Operations team.

This opportunity is exciting to me for several reasons.

The Role

The role is in charge of large scale projects that impact the operations team in the areas of knowledge, systems, and tools. It’s a blend of operational efficiency, implementing software tools, managing software tools, and solving operational challenges to help the business to scale. Some solutions will be off the shelf and some might be custom requiring collaboration with engineering teams.

I have done a mix of all of these in the last five years between The Starter League, Base, and Infer as well as all of the small personal projects I have taken on (but haven’t blogged about).

The most exciting part of this for me is transitioning into a full time operational role. The last couple of years I was aware that in order to grow my career and make a larger impact I was going to need to switch from customer facing projects to internal company projects. This opportunity allows me to put 100% focus on a single business and help it scale.

The Company

There is a focus on cultivating an open, diverse, and inclusive culture. It is clear that people are the focus and it was apparent in the recruitment process as well as in the general vibe in the office. It is also very transparent at a level I haven’t experienced but desired. It’s refreshing to see a company “walk the talk” about cultural values.

Second, it is uniquely positioned in a regulated industry. Regulation causes complexity and the companies that can drive innovation and efficiency in that complexity can dominate it. Checkr is the only player in the industry focusing on scale by starting with a tech first focus.

Third, the company has reached a level of maturity I was looking for in a startup. Checkr is a series B company and has reached an operational maturity that allows for specialization of roles moving forward. It’s been able to dominate one market sector and is moving into others. The company also has a growth philosophy which resonates with me.

The last one was unexpected when I found out about it after joining: the larger social mission of helping people find jobs. I’ll spare the details of it, but a larger social mission is what has been missing in almost every previous company I have worked for.

Final Thoughts

Checkr has a good shot at becoming a very successful company. It is not a flashy company and it operates in an unsexy industry. That’s the type of company that is a perfect fit for me.

In addition, Checkr can actually help people in a way that makes a huge difference in someones life. That is motivating.

I’m excited for what this new opportunity brings.


Note: I won’t blog anything about Checkr moving forward but periodically I will place updates on my Linkedin profile.

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