I Can’t Recommend Line2 for iOS

For the past two months I have been using Line2 for iOS as a business line for myself. I didn’t want to pay $10 a month for a second phone line but I needed to try something more professional than Google Voice. I had several fears about using Google Voice as a business line, mainly Google’s reputation for removing products without notification, which lead me to Line2. The app itself is well developed. The app interface is good, it has separate voicemail and call logs, and it’s really easy to navigate. I actually have no issues with the application design or usability, in those categories I think it is quite good. I also like the fact that Line2 complies with the phone number portability requirement, so if you want to, you can port that phone number to another service. That is something Google Voice doesn’t offer.


Line2 Dialpad


Line2’s Separate Voicemail

There is one killer feature I love about Line2 which has caused me to delay canceling the service. Wifi calling. I can make pure wifi calls from the phone number, as well as cellular when I am without wifi, but the wifi calling is a killer feature. The call quality is superb and blows any cellular connection out of the water. We have all gotten used to piss poor cellular voice quality as we transition away from land lines. If you own your own business or are making calls to a landline you are going to want this feature to call clients or prospects. The conversations I have with people on a good voice connection are so much better than with someone outside on a cell phone. It does make a difference.

With all the positives of the app I still can’t recommend it for several reasons:

  1. Customer service is really poor. There is no voice support and my email request for support has been ignored. I wasn’t quite happy with the product so I emailed support (there is no phone number to be found) to talk about my options with the service and to see if I could get a 30 day trial to the “Pro” plan so I could try answering calls and making calls from my computer. This was going to be a deciding factor in whether I wanted to keep the service or not. Since I didn’t even get a response for the request I have started looking for other options.
  2. You can only be logged in on one device. This one is a major downside I didn’t realize when I signed up for the service. I had the app installed from my iPad and once I logged in on it, I wasn’t able to receive wifi calls on my iPhone. So if you use more than one device you won’t be able to make them all ring over wifi at the same time. I wanted a solution that I could leave my old iPhone 4 at home as my “home office phone” and still have calls ring my iPhone 4S over wifi. One workaround is call forwarding but I won’t get the wifi call quality if I always have it setup that way. My guess is that I would have that same issue with the computer calling but since I wasn’t able to test it I’ll never know.

Although I don’t think Line2 is a good solution for a business line with multiple devices, it might be good for someone looking to have a second phone number and only use the service on one device. Just beware of the customer service and go into it realizing that if you have an issue it might not get resolved.

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