Book Review: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch is a riveting, mind-bending science fiction thriller that also has relatable human element at the same time. Our choices and the paths not taken seem insignificant but this book makes you wonder if they really are that insignificant. How could our lives have been different if we took the other path? Made that other decision? Chose the path not taken?

While this book was wrapped in some addictive mind bending science fiction, it also tugs at a profoundly human element - love. What you would do if everything you knew, and everyone you loved, was taken away from you? There was a subtle, underlying message in the book about what matters most in our lives which I really appreciated. 

This book kept me on the edge and got lost in it's awesomeness from the very beginning. It trapping me in a time warp as I read it and I finished the book in a few days. 

What I liked

I liked how this book is a mix of a thriller, mystery and science fiction all in one book. The author did a great job at telling the story, relating you to the characters and, in my opinion, help you understand the "out there" science fiction elements (although admittedly I tend to understand those conceptual elements easier than the average reader). 

What I didn't like

Honestly, there wasn't much about this book I didn't like except that I wanted it to keep going. Once I finished the book I was bummed that the story didn't continue (not lying - I was seriously bummed when I reached the end of the book). 

5 out of 5 Stars

Fiction, Science Fiction, Thriller, Mystery

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My Notes

These are my notes of Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. My notes are bullet points of my takeaways, thoughts, and my favorite quotes. This summary also includes key lessons and important passages from the book. Since this book was really though provoking I also added a few questions I asked myself while reading it.

  • ​​What matters most in life are the people closest to you.
  • You could lose everything (money, house, etc) and the people who you love still matter the most.
  • What would I do if everything I had was taken away from me?
  • Why do humans realize whats most important in our lives only when things are taken away from us?
  • What were some of the defining decisions in my life that could have lead me down a different path?

Who do I recommend this book for?

I recommend this book to anyone who likes fiction books in the mystery, thriller or science fiction categories. If you don't like science fiction don't write this one off! While the over all theme of the book is rooted in a science fiction idea, I wouldn't consider it a "pure" science fiction book. This book is unique and I think people who typically avoid science fiction but enjoy mysteries and/or thrillers will enjoy this one.

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