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Starter League Success!

Yesterday was Demo Day for Fall Class of 2012. WOW! It was so much fun! The auditorium in 1871 was jam packed with students, friends, family and members of the Chicago tech community. There were easily 300 people there for the three hour presentation. The energy levels were unlike any other presentation I have given […]

Starter League Week 6

Week six came to a close with big progress in class and the formation of my demo day team, Team Surfeit (pronounced Sur-fit). I joined the team formed by Kevin Martin and Alejandro Acosta-Rubio to build an app that changes the way we consume our social feeds. We built out a splash page and purchased a domain […]

Starter League Week 5

Learning pure Ruby has moved to learning Ruby on Rails and terms like “scaffold”, “model”, and “class” no longer mean real world things to me. They are Ruby talk, programmer talk. Now that I hear and see those terms thrown around every day it’s become normal to me: I am thinking like a programmer. My […]

My New Adventure: the Starter League

This past Tuesday I made a big step. I quit my full-time job to pursue a more fulfilling career in the tech sector. My transition catalyst was getting admitted to the Starter League , a program located in the heart of Chicago’s booming tech startup community where you learn to code, build, and ship web applications. “Why not […]