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Advice To My 20 Year Old Self

My birthday was last week. It got me thinking… What advice would I give my 20 year old self? I’ll admit that I was inspired by listening to this question asked by Tim Ferriss on his podcast. The question always yields some interesting answers. Looking back on the past and saying “I wish I did…” is […]

Selfies, Everyday For One Year

Last year I downloaded an iPhone app called Everyday. Since then, it’s reminded me to take a picture of myself “a selfie” everyday at 10am and it’s a fun little project I’ve been working on. The pictures start right before I quit my job and joined The Starter League in the fall of 2012, through […]

The Importance of a Morning Routine

I’ve been experimenting with keeping a consistant morning routine for about six months now. I haven’t been perfect about it, but I have been consistant enough that I’ve made some very important observations. Observations on small things that bring a noticeable difference to the outcome of my day, both physically and mentally. I’ve been amazed at how some […]